Services To enrich your holiday in Venice.


A carefree holidayEscape from the daily concerns.

Many people organize their holidays thinking that services are unnecessary, but often they runs into difficulties that could easily be avoided.

If this will be your first trip to Venice, you'll soon discover that the charm of Venice is demanding with the guest because it springs from the peculiarity of the town. Move around the city can be a problem, because you can not use vehicles. The beauty of the views of the canals is the reward to the need to walk.

Sometimes it is difficult to find immediately a service or an object. Opening and closing times of the shops can be a problem too.

The B&B Ca' Pier offers to its guests the opportunity to get some services without hassle, and to enrich their stay in Venice satisfy their special demands.


At B&B Ca' Pier is served a rich and nutritious breakfast, ideal for a day of walking around Venice. Breakfast is a continental demi buffet. It is possible to customize your breakfast.

Special requests

The following services are available on request: hire of transport services to and from the Venice airport, rental of water taxi, booking tickets for events, exhibitions and museum , reservations of guided tours.


If you have special dietary needs, you can customize the breakfast menu.

Extra services on request

Requests of reservation of parking services, museums, theater and exhibitions tickets, guided tours and more.