Bed and breakfast in Cannaregio, with customed serviceA vacation in Venice without compromise


The "Veneziana" bedroomSleep in Venice with Style

The "Venetian" bedroom is always illuminated by golden light: the amber color of the floor and the shades of red of the furnishings are reflected off the white walls to give off a warm and natural light. Two large windows provided with black out curtains, overlook the street leading from the bed & breakfast B & B Ca 'Pier at New Stada, close to Ca' D'Oro.
The room is air conditioned and guests can easily adjust the temperature.

Placed over a large Persian rug, the bed has an important ancient carved wooden headboard with acanthus leaves. In support of the bed are two bedside tables with three drawers and original lamps of gilded bronze. As they used in ancient times, two gilt-framed mirrors reflect the light from the lamps.

Flanked in the corner, close to a bedside table there is a lovely carved wooden chair, part of the original furniture.
A small sofa for two people is placed at the foot of the bed with his table for breakfast that can be served in your room on request. At B & B Ca 'Pier, breakfast is usually served in the lounge.

A large wardrobe with two doors is placed on the side of the bed. On the entrance wall to the room there is a dresser and a precious table.

Framed by the two windows, the green marble 19 th century fireplace is fully functional. The fireplace maintains an elegant and elaborate tripartite mirror framed in carved wood. Hanged on its sides there are two Venetian "cesendelli" (cicindelli) decorated with polychrome enamel. The cesendelli are ancient oil lamps suspended, very famous were those produced by Murano glassware from the 15 th century.

The room is lit by a chandelier of Murano made of glass and gold leaf. It is composed of five arms that support lily shaped cups alternating with five glass leaves.

The bed and breakfast B & B Ca 'Pier is conceived for guests to appreciate not only Venice but also its traditions and its history. Spending a few days in an authentic Venetian house in contact with our wonderful city, is the best way to experience an unforgettable stay in Venice.

A fabulous bed

The frame of the headboard of the bed is carved with acanthus leaf ornamentation and swirls.

The light of the "cesendello"

The cesendello is an ancient oil lamp. In past centuries, adorned only the finest homes. The cesendelli in the "Venetian" bedroom are inspired by the colors and style of the famous cup Barovier.

The heat of the fireplace

The elegant ornate frame of the fireplace is in keeping with the style of the bedroom: All items are embellished with precious materials and sophisticated manufacturing techniques manuals.

Accessories and products supplied to the room