B&B Ca' Pier, among the best B&B in VeniceServices on demand, antique furnishings and attention to details.


"Genovese" bedroomDifferent from the usual Venice hotel room.

The elegance of the "Genovese" bedroom lies on the style of the ancient furniture from Liguria. The shades of yellow and green of the accessories and fabrics, create a delicate and fresh atmosphere that recalls the Ligurian Riviera. The windows overlook a typical Venetian street close to the Strada Nuova and are equipped with blackout curtains. The room is air-conditioned and guests can adjust the room temperature.

The double bed in the center of the room is enriched by a precious wrought iron headboard decorated with gold leaf. The thin curved lines, enlivened by the gilding, the plant motif composition, are typical of high quality crafts throughout the Mediterranean region, the testimony of secular economic and cultural ties with the Middle East, the source of wealth of the Italian maritime cities.

Some Persian rugs are arranged around the bed, flanked by two carved wooden tables, holding the bedside lamps in gilded bronze.

The center between the two windows is enhanced by a Venetian mirror and a precious wooden table. On the wall in front of the bed, two chairs surround the table with a flat-screen LCD TV and mini-bar. Two icons are placed on the sides of the table.
In the corner is placed a closet decorated with floral motifs. The entrance wall is enlivened by an ancient fan made of precious silk and ivory.

The room is lit by an elegant chandelier with five arms in lacquered and gilded wood.

The rooms of B&B Ca' Pier are special for their authenticity, they are not standardized environments suitable for mass tourism, instead these rooms are ancient spaces that offer hospitality following the best Venice tradition.

A precious bed

The bed greets us in the most important moments of our lives, this sophisticated headboard has multiple symbolic meanings: floral design alludes to the mystery of life, the black iron and the light gold to male and female nature ... At B&B Ca' Pier every object can be a symbol!

"Required" decor

The taste for refinement, the admiration for the excellent workmanship, the passion for tradition ... It is no coincidence that the choice of objects and furnishings of the B&B Ca' Pier, which offers you to spend your holiday in Venice between unique and precious objects.

The Venetian mirror

The only object not from Liguria is the mirror, that now reflects the objects produced in the other Queen of the Mediterranean. Although rivals and enemies, Genoa and Venice histories was often intertwined, interests and habits made similar the two cities.

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