Can I make a party at the bed and breakfast in Venice?At B&B Ca' Pier you can!

"San Marco" hallThe celebration room.

The B&B Ca' Pier direction encourages guests to organize their private parties and meetings in the San Marco hall, the coordination of these activities is managed by Ca' Pier Eventi.
Check the section "events" if during your stay at B&B Ca' Pier you are interested in celebrating an event or arrange a meeting, or send an email message to Ca' Pier Events.

The center of the traditional Venetian house is a spacious room dedicated to the guests, a large space overlooking the private courtyard or a channel. This place originally had the function of "showcase", the Venetian richest families exhibited and sold to the public the goods collected from all over the Mediterranean. Over time, only the public use of the hall was replaced by the private, the sumptuous style to celebrate and show the wealth and power of the owners was not. The B&B Ca' Pier has restored the ancient function of semi-public place of the hall.

From the terrace overlooking the courtyard, you enter to the "San Marco" hall, accessible from all the rooms of the house: kitchen, bathroom, and the two bedrooms.


An impressive chandelier, a Ca 'Rezzonico style with twelve arms, made of genuine Murano glass, illuminates the center of the hall. Decorations in red and blue glass show the details of the chandelier without following a strict sequence, the "random" decoration is a common feature of Murano art glass production, that leaves room for creativity and oestrus of the glassmaker to get unique items.

The ceiling is painted entirely with a sky, the subject is the celebration of the triumph of Venice. It is a work by Giuseppe Cherubini, a painter who was kept in the house for a few years. the delicate shades of pink clouds contrast with the blue sky, Venice triumphant cross the sky in a golden coach. At the top of the composition, the Venetian flag is supported by a pairs of winged cherubs holding up garlands adorned with blue ribbons. In the lower part of the composition there is an exedra.

The painter Giuseppe Cherubini (Ancona 1867 - Venice 1960) was active in Venice since 1902, he took part at Venice Biennale Art Exhibition of the 1905 and 1926.

In the hall there are other works by the artist, three oil on canvas paintings, depicting the architectural details of the Basilica di San Marco in Venice.

Opposite the entrance, the back wall of the room is furnished with a large bookcase entirely made of carved solid wood, flanked by two comfortable armchairs.
In the center of the room stands the rectangular table in solid wood where breakfast is served to guests from 08:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. A valuable furniture of excellent workmanship is located between the entrance doors of the bedrooms, inside it there are various antiques.

Concludes the decoration the small living room with two chairs and a small service table, located between the main entrance and the Gothic window overlooking Calle Bembo, that you can see through the old wrought-iron lattice framed window.


A sky just for you

The bright colors and reflections of gold brighten the large living room that is always "dressed up". If the company is boring, just look up and get lost in the clouds of joyful painting to return in a good mood!

Venetian art and craft

It is easy to love Venice for its history and its traditions too. The San Marco hall is a true celebration of the city, preserving images, objects and furnishings in typical Venetian style.

Creativity and excellence

Objects and furniture in the living room are characterized by sophistication and flair. Each of them has a wonderful story to tell.

"San Marco" hall features