A Revitalizing shower or a refreshing bathEverything you need to take care of yourself in complete relaxation


BathroomIntimacy, comfort and hygiene

Venice is a "human scale" ancient city, its uniqueness and beauty require some sacrifice. After a day spent exploring streets and squares, have a convenient and comfortable bathroom all to yourself is a necessity and a pleasure to be reckoned with.
The bed and breakfast B & B Ca' Pier accepts one booking at a time, so you will have the exclusive use of the bathroom.

The bathroom is spacious with marble floors and tiled walls, accessories and fittings are modern, fully functional. Before any booking, the staff carefully check that all accessories are in order and ready for use. At the bathroom entrance on the right, stands the comfortable shower with mixer tap and shelves for soap and bath gel.
At the center of the room the sink and large mirror are placed in a niche, accompanied by warm towels, hairdryer and the magnifying mirror.
In the pink marble shelf you will find neatly arranged a rich assortment of bath amenities. In back of the room there is a large bath, with the toilet and bidet.

The wide range of products for the health and hygiene of the guests include three soft cotton towels in different sizes, bathrobe made of natural fiber, neutral and non-allergenic cleaning products.

Comfortable and stylish accessories

The bathroom has a hairdryer, magnifying mirror, socket adapter, towels are provided to allow guests to travel with light luggage, freeing them from the worry of forgetting to home some basic necessities.

Hygiene products and cosmetics

B&B Ca' Pier provides a rich set of products for wellness and body care. A selection of high quality bathroom products from natural and hypoallergenic.

Accessories and products supplied to the bathroom