B&B Ca' Pier is a classy bed and breakfast in the center of Venicejealously guarded in an old Venetian mansion


Common spaces and roomsEnjoy the magic of staying in an ancient Venetian house

The more valuable spaces of an ancient Venetian Gothic house are reserved to B&B Ca 'Pier, that is nestled in the quiet of the most exclusive and less touristy Venice.

" We must take time. Who think to do everything within three days, visiting something each hour, has finished to live the journey experience..." Tiziano Terzani

The gothic courtyard, a small "corte sconta" (secluded courtyard)

The main door opens into the courtyard paved with trachyte, an elaborate wellhead is placed at the center of it. The court is bounded on the right by a small garden planted with ornamental plants, in front there is the gothic stair leading to the terrace, on the left there is the porch with two red Verona marble columns supporting the terrace. From the porch you enter in the "fumoir" (smoking room), a large ground floor room available only on request.

The courtyard is enriched with several stone artefacts, two herms, allegorical sculptures, several statues of lions and a mosaic portrait of a saint to protect those who begin to climb the stair.

The gothic stair has been carefully restored, and we like to think that the lion, standing at the beginning of the stair handrail from ages, continues to protect the entrance of the house against mysterious negative forces!

The terrace

At the top of the stair you reach the terrace, comfortable even during the winter. Heated by the warmth of the sun and sheltered from the wind, the terrace is one of the most beautiful places of the house. Looking from the terrace through the entrance door, you can admire the entirely painted ceiling of the hall.

The San Marco hall

The hall is the most important room of the Venetian house, which leads to the private rooms. Its main function is to welcome and arouse the admiration (and perhaps envy) of the guests!

The ceiling of the hall was entirely painted by Giuseppe Cherubini. The theme is joyous, in a sky that fades from pink to blue, the Triumphant Venice is driving a chariot, while among the clouds, the cupids celebrate supporting garlands of flowers and the flag of the Republic. The perspective view of a exedra closes the composition in the back of the hall.

The room is embellished with paintings of Cherubini representing some views of Saint Mark Square, of the Saint Mark Basilica and of the Venice Ducal Palace. Illuminated by a massive Ca 'Rezzonico chandelier made by original Murano glass, the lounge is furnished with valuable antique furniture in Venetian style and many antiques.

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The gothic court

Carefully restored, retains the original arrangement. Numerous sculptures and various objects of stone make it a suitable environment for entertaining guests.

Celebration hall San Marco

Traditionally the lounge is the room used to exhibit the splendor of the Venetian family: finishes, paintings, furniture and accessories should be precious and evocative to excite wonder and admiration by the guests.

Double room Veneziana

The "Venetian" room is characterized by a green marble fireplace and furnishings in the traditional colors of gold and ruby ​​red.

Double room Genovese

The original furniture from Liguria are sober and elegant, the colors are inspired by the essences of the Riviera. The elaborate iron headboard with golden details evokes the eastern Mediterranean.


For centuries the rooms on the ground floor of the Venetian houses have preserved precious goods from many countries. Now turned into the "fumoir", this room often hosts art exhibitions and musical performances.