Plan your event in Venice In a true Venetian home, the perfect place to host and celebrate.


Your Private party in Venice Find out why choose B&B Ca' Pier for your events

With the support of Ca' Pier Eventi, at B&B Ca' Pier you can organize parties, celebrations, conferences or meetings. The celebration hall "San Marco", the terrace and the court are ancient Gothic spaces designed to accommodate and celebrate. The Venetian Gothic house is built around these elegant places, also used today to amaze, amuse and excite the admiration of the guests.

Often the B&B Ca' Pier held private parties, celebrations, conferences and cycle of meetings. The B&B Ca' Pier offers not only space and multimedia equipment but also the experience of three generations of hoteliers to ensure the success of your event.

Private party Surprise your friends with an exclusive party

A private party at the B & B Ca' Pier is the event easier to organize. You can invite up to 20 people, we can provide catering service.

How to organize your private party in Venice

Celebration A charming place for a very special day

Celebrate an important event is always difficult, think about many things and worry that something will go wrong is a hassle. Begin choosing the right place to avoid unpleasant surprises, let that the romantic atmosphere of Venice help you and everything will be easier!

How to organize your celebration in Venice

Conference and meeting Ideal for small conferences and cycle of meetings

Looking for a prestigious location for your business meetings in Venice?
Do you want to organize a conference or a cycle of meetings in Venice?
Certain topics are discussed better in a few people, and often the available spaces are too large and mostly standardized. If you want a different atmosphere that transforms the usual conference or business meeting in a pleasant event, the B&B Ca' Pier provides you with the tools and support to organize a successful meeting.

How to organize your conference in Venice

Private party

Stay with your friends and celebrate a special event in an elegant place.


It is easier than you think to celebrate your wedding in Venice, a unique event in the most romantic city in the world.


Prestigious atmosphere, up to date equipment and support for the success of your conference in Venice.


Catering, multimedia tools and all the expertise you will need to organize your series of meetings in Venice.